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    Azusa Pacific University

    FiberTite is Azusa Pacific University’s Intelligent Roofing Solution Azusa Pacific University’s Azusa campus is situated in the San GabrielValley, located 26 miles northeast of Los Angeles, an area known forits scenic beauty, ethnic diversity, and recreational activities. The city of Azusa provides a safe and stimulating atmosphere in which studentspursue academic and cultural endeavors. APU also offers extended access to masters and accelerated programs through regional centers,online programs, and Operation Impact.

    When the roof of the Administration building needed to be replaced, APU facilities management considered re-roofing with a built-up roof system, since a built-up system was currently on the roof. However, since the earlier built-up roofs had only lasted ten years, Roy Larson, President of Larson Single Ply, recommended FiberTite as the best option for this project due to its track record, low maintenance and energy savings. “Other factors included a lack of odor during installation,” stated Larson, “Also, FiberTite saved APU money on installation because it wasn’t necessary to tear off the existing roof, which would have been required for a built-up roof.” Larson Single Ply has more than twenty years experience with roofing projects in California and Nevada, serving mostly restaurants, schools, heavy industry and numerous commercial sectors. It did not take long to convince the folks at Azusa Pacific University that FiberTite was indeed the intelligent choice for their re-roofing project. By the time the project was halfway completed, they were so impressed with the FiberTite membrane and the work of Larson Single Ply that they decided to expand the scope of the project from 70,000
    square feet to nearly 100,000 square feet.

    The additional roofing included a re-roof of the campus theater and a girls’ dorm, two buildings that were managed by two different project managers who had viewed, and were impressed with, the initial  FiberTite installation. In the future, Larson Single Ply and APU are developing a five year plan to re-roof several other buildings. FiberTite was introduced in 1979 by Seaman Corporation, a company that has also been a leader in many other markets, some for more than 55 years. These markets include architectural fabric structures, geomembranes, truck tarps, dock seals, military collapsible fuel tanks and military tents. FiberTite is constructed with the heaviest denier (strongest) yarn in the industry, which provides superior puncture and tear resistance. Next, a unique adhesive coat is applied to the base fabric, which forms a molecular bond and encapsulates each yarn. This extra step maximizes peel resistance and seam strength. The face coat includes DuPont Elvaloy as the base polymer, along with other proprietary chemicals, to provide superior UV and chemical resistance as well as long-term flexibility. In fact, FiberTite was used as the standard to set ASTM D6754-02 for KEE membranes. The back coat is a balanced coating, which offers superior welding properties and maximizes seam strength. Over 99% of FiberTite roofs ever installed are still protecting.


    Architectural Accent specializes in the specifying and detailing of energy efficient waterproofing, roofing and expansion joint products that unify the entire building envelope for new and exisiting building structures.  For additional information on Restoring and Repairing Seismic Expansion Joints and or Re-roofing with KEE Single Ply Roofing Membranes by Fibertite, please contact Architectural Accent or call 888-343-9844


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