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     Carlisle Residential Provides Superior Protection With Self-Adhering Underlayments


    About Carlisle Residential

    As a division of CCM, Carlisle Residential offers premium products for residential construction applications, including WIP, EZ Roof and EZ Flash product lines as well as EcoStar® manufactured slate and cedar shake roofing tiles. For more information about the products and services offered by Carlisle Residential, visit www.carlisleresidential.com.

    (Carlisle, PA) – Carlisle Residential, a division of Carlisle Construction Materials, continues to offer protection with a full line of self-adhering roofing underlayments, including WIP 100, 200, 300HT, 400, 401LT and 403HR. The WIP line offers an ideal solution for protecting against water and ice damming while withstanding some of nature’s most unfavorable weather conditions.


    Water and Ice Protection (WIP) 100 is a flexible, rubberized asphalt fiberglass-reinforced membrane that provides the customer a durable, versatile product that they can trust. This granular underlayment can be used on a variety of critical roof areas such as ridges, eaves, rakes, hips, valleys, dormers and skylights. These areas are fully protected by WIP membranes, which prevent wind-driven rain and ice dams from damaging structures.

    Similar in composition to WIP 100, WIP 200 is a film-surfaced membrane, consisting of fiberglass-reinforced rubberized asphalt laminated to an impermeable polyethylene film layer, providing dual barrier moisture protection. Benefits of both WIP 100 and 200 include: membranes that seal around roofing nails, staples and screws; permanent protection and low lifecycle cost. The products feature an aesthetically pleasing system that will not detract from the building’s architectural appeal.

    Carlisle WIP 300HT is a high-tensile strength, rubberized asphalt underlayment specifically designed to endure temperatures up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit. This composite membrane is similar to the WIP 100 and 200, but features additional unique benefits. The caliber of this underlayment makes it perfect for metal roofs, as it resists intense heat without degradation of the adhesive.

    Applied to critical roof areas, Carlisle WIP 400 is in a class of its own for long-term water protection performance. The WIP 400 underlayment is a 40-mil self-adhering membrane comprised of a skid-resistant polyethylene film laminated to self-adhering rubberized asphalt. This product should also be placed beneath the primary roofing system to prevent interior and exterior damage.

    Another 40-mil sheet membrane, WIP 403HR, can endure sweltering heat underneath metal roofing, slate, tile and asphalt shingles. This dynamic product resists softening at the high in-service temperatures found in warm climates.

    Carlisle WIP 401LT is specifically designed for applications where the installation temperature is between 30 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The 401LT will not crack, dry out or rot, guaranteeing the customer and contractor a no-hassle product.

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