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    Hunter Panels

    With energy efficiency and green building awareness in the forefront of modern construction practices, Hunter Panels brings cost-effective solutions with its energy smart polyisocyanurate roof insulation. Since its inception in 1998, Hunter Panels has provided environmentally friendly rigid foam panels for the commercial and residential building materials industry. The panels can be used in both flat and steep slope roofing applications, providing energy savings and prompt return on investment for building owners and public buildings. For  Submittal Documents and Technical Data

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    With smart, responsible spray foam insulation choices, Icynene® helps to build Healthier, Quieter, More Energy Efficient® and sustainable structures. Our 100% water-blown solutions are both insulation and air barrier materials for improved air quality and reduced energy costs. Icynene is HFC- and PBDE-free so it’s the smart choice for commercial builders, architects and the environment. Build Something Bright with Icynene.

    Icynene Inc. was established in 1986 to manufacture and market The Icynene Insulation System® – a light density, open celled, flexible, soft foam insulation and air barrier system that comes in a spray and a pour formula.

    Ideal for wood- or steel-framed construction, Icynene® delivers a perfect fit for any shaped cavity. As a soft expanding foam, Icynene conforms to unusual geometry and provides a continuous, protective barrier that significantly reduces air leakage, minimizes airborne moisture transfer, and optimizes energy efficiency.

    To learn more about how Icynene creates environments that are Healthier, Quieter, More Energy Efficient® than competing insulation products, click here.

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    Iso Insulation News

    WeatherBond Introduces Polyiso Insulation


    WeatherBond is excited to announce that it now offers a full selection of polyisocyanurate insulation products. The need for energy efficiency continues to increase, and WeatherBond knows that insulation is a key element in the design of any energy-saving rooftop.

    WeatherBond’s polyiso product line includes:

    • WeatherBond XP Polyiso
    • WeatherBond Tapered XP Polyiso
    • WeatherBond XFP HD Composite
    • WeatherBond XFP HD Cover Board

    With this new line of products, WeatherBond has a solution for virtually any insulation application. Visit WeatherBond’s website to find out more about these products.

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