• 740 Squares of Single Ply Installed in Two Days

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    Roofing Standards – January 22-23 2011

    For over 13 years Roofing Standards has been a leader in the roofing industry in Orange County, California.  With over 1000 projects completed Roofing Standards have steadily grown thier roofing business and continue to add new equipment,  services and product lines to thier expertise.

    Roofing Standard are specialists in the installation and servicing of single ply roofing solutions.  Additionally, as demand for solar energy increases Roofing Standards are able to meet the challenge of packaging great solutions for both commercial and residential needs.

    Roofing Standards is  a privately owned family business and prides themselves on a stable group of managers and crews able to operate efficiently-unburdened by unnecessary bureaucracy.  Roofing Standards is big enough to handle large commercial work and small enough to offer personal service with a “the buck stops here” attitude.


    Setting The Standards in The Roofing Industry
    January 22… more Roofing Standards
    Setting The Standards in The Roofing Industry
    740 Squares of single ply installed in two days

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